Dog Policy (Soo Minor Baseball Association)

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Sinclair Yards is city owned property leased and run solely by Soo Minor Baseball Association.  City by-laws regarding dogs in city public parks are as follows:

  • All dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • All leashes must be no longer than 4 feet long.
  • All dog owners must pick up after them.


With that being said, SMBA cannot change the by-law but will strongly encourage all dog owners to leave their dogs at home.  


There are no dogs allowed behind team dugouts or the backstop at any time. 


We are also dog owners but we strongly believe that it is not safe to bring your dog out to a public place with 500 children running around, people with allergies and people who are afraid of dogs.  Sinclair Yards was designed to be a safe place for everyone and we want everyone to feel that they are welcome at Sinclair Yards, dog problem free.   Big or small, good or bad, all dogs may react differently in different situations outside of their daily lives, such as surrounded by hundreds of children running around.  

For the safety of everyone, please leave your dogs at home.

Thank you for your cooperation.