About (Soo Minor Baseball Association)


OPEN 18+


The Open League is designed to allow men and women to play baseball with their friends and to have fun. This division plays on a field at all the major league dimensions. 

Men and women aged 18+ years of age are eligible to play. The season typically begins after the long weekend in May and ends with playoffs by mid-August.  


Game Nights: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (2 games/week)
Game Times: 8:30pm (weekdays) 5:30pm & 8:30pm (Sundays)
Number of Games: 12-15 + Playoffs
Fields: IDA Park, Sinclair Yards
Mid-Season Tournament: N/A
Playoffs: Mid August
Banquet: N/A
Teams are provided: Catching Equipment, Bats and Balls
Teams require: Uniforms
Players require: Glove, Bat, Athletic Supporter, Batting Helmet
Optional: Rubber or Metal Cleats, Batting Gloves
Rep Team: 18U Black Sox



  • Each player will register with SMBA online - www.sooball.com
  • Current family rates will apply.
  • See registration page for more information.



  • Teams will be submitted, formed or drafted by teams managers after general registration.
  • When players register, they can specify the team name or team manager name.
  • Players are encouraged to list the names of the teammates they want to play with if they can’t field a full team. (ex: group of 2, group of 5).
  • We will try to form teams using the small groups.
  • Team managers will draft the remaining players.
  • Teams will be made up of 13 players.
  • The draft will take place in May.
  • Evaluations or tryouts may take place.


  • Teams managers will act as a spokesperson for their team.


  • Teams will be provided with catching equipment, bats and balls.
  • Teams are required to purchase their own jerseys and batting helmets.
  • The team can purchase other additional uniform or equipment items. Ex: more bats (wood or aluminum), hats, pants, 1st baseman glove, etc.


  • Same SMBA rules as house league to be followed including the scoring and pitching rules. (See SMBA playing rules available on our website.)
  • There are no rules regarding playing time.
  • Teams may use aluminum or wooden baseball bats at their choice.
  • Rules will be reviewed with team managers.


  • Field: IDA Park - Sinclair Yards
  • Number of games: 12-15 regular season.
  • Game nights:
    • Tuesdays 8:30pm
    • Thursdays 8:30pm
    • Sundays 5:30 & 8:30pm
      (Schedule will depend on the number of teams.)
  • Rainouts: reschedule when possible.


  • All registered players are eligible.
  • All non-registered players must have played 5 regular season games to be eligible.


  • Permanent signs to be posted in the dugouts regarding no smoking and no drinking.
  • Teams will be made aware of city laws.
  • Umpires will monitor and enforce these rules/laws.
  • Players will be ejected from the game if laws are broken.


  • If you have any questions, please contact Open League convener, Jon Pasiak at [email protected].